re we provide the professional image that your business needs.  You want to project the best and most proper image for your company no matter whether you’re working solo or have 500 employees.  If you’re serving the public or you’re serving B2B, your image needs to be one of trust, security, confidence and reliability.  Our experienced designers can analyze your business and work with you to create the most appropriate logo, giving you the image that you needs.

In today’s business world, you need to have every advantage possible and it begins with a professional logo. Your logo should be a statement to the public describing who you are.  Once you have your logo you can now begin to develop your brand.  Branding is critical if you plan to grow a company and not just have a business.

bmw-logo-brandYour brand needs to be recognizable and memorable and it can align with your mission statement.  This BMW logo is immediately recognizable for their brand.  No one would be able to deny that this logo represents a high quality German luxury car.  The symbolism is of airplane propellers on the background of a blue sky, remembering back to when BMW was a manufacturer of military aircraft engines.

baskin_robbins_logoThe Baskin and Robbins logo is also very recognizable and you know exactly what you’re getting.  If you look closely you’ll see the “31” inside of the “BR”, displaying their famous “31 Flavors”, which they’ve built their brand on since 1953.  Incidentally the 31 flavors is not the number of flavors that they have, it’s 31 for the flavor of the day and how many days in a month.

If you’re a small company who retails a product like carports in a local market, then you need to have a vision for where you want your company to grow.  Your brand needs a face, and an image that represents who you are and what you do. We can help you to create this image and we can help you to market and grow that brand.  Our experienced team of marketing and design experts understand the psychology behind a successful brand marketing campaign.  Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how our experts can help your business!

all-logo-design-shannonHi, I’m Shannon and I am The Logo Trainer. I have actually created a few logos in the past, yet it is not my forte. Clients entrust their logo to me for printing as well as marketing purposes. While I can’t design you a marvelous logo, I can tell you promptly if the logo is going to trigger any troubles in the process. I have actually invested the major part of my career collaborating with corporate logo designs. Some logo designs are excellent and others are an issue. They may be pleasing to the eye, however they posture a myriad of printing concerns and that’s why you need me.

One critical error people make at the very beginning is to supply their designer little to no direction. They find a developer, give them the firm name and tell them to make a logo. In most cases no more direction is offered. Perhaps some favored shades or a suggestion or two on a sign that could be utilized, yet that’s it. The business proprietor thinks that the developer recognizes the demands as well as parameters of logo design. From my experience, about 50% of the logos I come across are centered on visual appeals just. While an eye pleasing logo is essential there are lots of various other things to consider that will play an essential roll down the roadway.


While it could be alluring to utilize a neighbor or family member who dabbles in graphic design (and also are generally really inexpensive and free) the logo normally ends up costing you in the future. You are more likely to come across problems with style egos as well as need to take care of dead time. They may also not have the technical knowledge (bitmaps vs. vector, bleeds etc.). This is much less of a concern for logo style however can create significant issues on other jobs. On the other hand, don’t reject these individuals. I have actually seen some great work come from aspiring developers as well as those that develop as a leisure activity.  You still will need some additional help in cleaning up and producing a great logo like this one for a tornado shelter company in Dallas.

No matter where you discover your logo developer, ensure you review their profile and after that verify these 2 criteria:

1. Find a designer that will certainly offer you a vector logo. If they can’t, get an additional designer. If they do not know just what a vector graphic is, do NOT employ them!

2. Make certain they will give you the adhering to documents:

– The initial (vector) data from the program the logo was designed in.

– A (vector). pdf of the logo.

– A (vector). eps of the logo.

– Three high resolution.jpg’s of the logo, one 2″ wide, one 12″ vast and also one 24″ broad.

While your computer system most likely does not have a program that could open the first three data, ensure you have them on a disc in your workplace and kept away on your computer. Future printers and also developers will certainly need these documents. See Images 101 for more information on vector vs bitmap.


Along with a logo that looks excellent and also makes sense for your business, ensure your designer adheres to these guidelines. You also need to run their layouts with these considerations (color, shapes and size):.


Colors play an essential duty in a logo. Preferably you ought to maintain shades to a minimum, avoid shading as well as keep colors separated. When publishing complete color electronic graphics you probably won’t face any issues. Digital printers print graphics similar to your color inkjet or printer. Generally, digital printing is expensive and is not always offered for non-paper products.

Maintaining colors to a minimum could save money. Printing applications for garments, signs as well as promotional items will certainly set you back even more for each color. Marketing items generally have a set-up cost and also a run charge each shade. Screen printing will also cost even more for each shade. Layout a logo with one or two colors or have a variation that can be utilized as a single color.

Tight shade registration could create issues. If your colors are touching that’s considered limited registration. Text that has a rundown around it is an example. Promotional products that are silk screened or pad published cannot always accomplish this. Limited registration could additionally become a trouble if you are photocopying something in black and white. Two totally various shades could resemble the very same color as well as wind up being a huge black ball when xeroxed. Avoid limited registration or have a variation of the logo that does not have limited registration for these scenarios.

Color fading/shading can’t always be printed. The majority of non-digital printing applications print strong shades. If you have a solid color that fades or shades right into a darker color or another color you will certainly require a changed variation of your logo.

Custom shades can cost cash. Printers lug basic ink shades such as yet not limited to red, navy, royal, dark eco-friendly, yellow and black. A lot of printers will certainly charge a fee to mix a specific color for you. Promotional logo ‘d products are likewise mostly readily available in typical colors. If you picked teal blue for your logo as well as intend to find a teal pen for your business, you would be extremely restricted in your selection.


Text or lines that are also slim or small aren’t effective and could “go away” when printed or xeroxed. The small parts within a lower case “e” and “a” can likewise fill-in if they are also tiny. When selecting your logo ensure that you could diminish it (or a version of it) down to 1″ wide. One inch is about the smallest dimension you will print your logo.


Shape is far more than a vertical or horizontal style. Forming have to take into account just what is described as white area. Avoid style components that stick out too far from the main layout. If your logo has a lot of unusable white room and you wish to print it in a little area, the white area could stop you from having room left for call information that you wish to consist of. See the picture listed below. Consider how the logo will certainly look when coupled with your address or web site. Ask the designer to put your address block next to the logo as it could show up on a calling card or on letterhead.

A vital note on various variations – You shouldn’t really feel restricted by any one of these standards. As an example, a logo that resembles contemporary graffiti would probably go against all of the standards over, yet if that’s exactly what you desire then that’s what you must have. Just ask your designer to produce customized versions that can be printed in a single color or smaller rooms. I have actually seen firms with 10 page brochures and loads of variations of their logo that can be made use of for various applications. Be prepared.

Think of color, size and shape when making and selecting your logo. You must also have various versions for different applications. See to it you have the ideal files stored away for printing. Remember that one of the most identifiable and most famous logos are simple and also the colors are limited. Work it as well as re-work it till you have the ideal logo. It’s your logo, take ownership of it as well as keep your logo visible!